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For instance, I found a complete history of VW buses from 1949-1967, brief notes on each year, but very cool reading. I have posted those here but your can also find it in the VW section under the LOLA link.
A few weeks ago, in cleaning the garage, I found a few boxes of complete year collections of Foreign Auto, with tons of VW stuff from the early 50s to mid 60s and have also acquired more literature for the Ape, including some books, ads, and other odds and ends, which will be posted as time permits. I've received a few requests for the Ape manuals and parts (and have sent a few out), but if I've not got to you, I'm sorry, I will finish scanning all of those and make them available for download here. In the meantime, my good friend Stefano (
apevintage.com) has some cool stuff online already. I have B and C type parts manuals, some Pentaro, and other stuff. All that online soon. If you cannot wait, drop me a line and I'll do my best (which has been lacking) in getting them to you.
I'm also trying to catch up on the Multipla literature, so check back often.

On the projects side, I'm 99% finished with the Ape. Thanks to all who helped and I promise I will provide a link here including the cool notes that Joel (dollyandhammer.com) put together when he worked on the body and paint. Special thanks to Pat Woolman who has been a great help not only in the Ape but on other of my bikes, and of course, as always, Mark of ScootersBellissimo.Com. Thanks, guys!

Lola, my VW bus, is finally being restored! It's a long-term project expecting to get it on the road by the summer of 07, since I'm working on this as I have time. The biggest stuff like body and paint are being done by my good friend Resto Johnny. You may have seen his '43 KDF sedan (yes 1943) at the Classic this past June.

Last but absolutely not least, my other toy, and this has a lot of sentimental value, is a 1968 IHC Travelall which belonged to Stan Bogel, a drafting teacher I had in high school. He's buying something else and has agreed to sell it to me. He's the only owner since new and it really is a neat truck. This is now my daily driver. My wife calls it "The Tank." It does drive like one but I just love driving it.

Anyway, if there is anything you're looking for and I can help you with it, consider it done. Later!

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