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Robby Pardio & Claudette Ortiz of City High on A&E Intervention

Viewers of the A&E show Intervention got a glimpse into the life of City High, an R&B group best known for their 2001 hits "What Would You Do?" and "Caramel." The City High Intervention episode focused on Robby Pardio, a City High who was struggling with alcoholism.

The Robby Pardio Intervention revealed a lot of Pardio and the band's rocky past. Robby Pardio fell into a depression after fellow City High member Claudette Ortiz broke up with him. The break-up Robby Pardio and Claudette Ortiz sent the Pardio over the edge.

The show showed Robby Pardio swilling vodka before being confronted by his family.

So what will become of Robby Pardio? The show offered a glimmer of hope, but the future remains uncertain for the singer. Here's hoping that he manages to get his life back together.

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